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Strategic Analysis of Thorntons and the
Confectionary Market

This essay will discuss the problems Thornton’s has experienced over the last few years and what challenges they face in current period between 1997-2002, examining the competitive environment and internal analysis as well as external environment (Political, Economical, Sociological, and Technological - PEST). It will also identify and evaluate Thornton’s strategic development from set up to the present time using the relevant framework and strategic tools. The essay will conclude by identifying possible strategies that Thornton might pursue in the future with ambiguous reasons supporting these recommendations.


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They also face competition from substitute gift shops like Knickerbox, The Body Shop, Wax Lyrical and other High Street gift shops. Joining the Cafe market means they have competition against established coffee shops like Starbucks and Costa. They also have a challenge of holding onto Marks and Spencers and not giving too much bargaining power to them.

The essay now will continue to identify and evaluate Thornton’s Strategic developments from set up to present day. There three separate modes of strategy simulation applied in the formulation of a business strategy today. Thornton’s is a business that Jennings (2000) identifies as a business who has its powers centralised to the Chief Executive who shoulders the success or downfall of the business. They also have been making dramatic leaps forward to uncertainty as illustrated above their strengths such as seasonal demand, their successful markets such as UK and French markets have had a economical decline, therefore the strengths have become threats and hence creating an uncertain future, for which has influenced to actively search other prospectors to help them regain the strong monopoly they have carried. This mode of formulation or symptoms are those of a Entrepreneurial mode.

Figure 4: Industry Life Cycle Figure 4, is Industry life cycle; shows there are four phases of growth for an industry. It is used to examine the firm’s location within the