Essay on Strategic Business Plan for Citigroup

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Strategic Management


Group Members: Tan Poh Thin 31116952 Thng Jiahua Amanda 31116999 Khoo Hong Kah Brenda 31076612 Yeow LiQin 31128223 Yeow LiXian 31128241 Lecturer : Mr Frankie Yee Unit Coordinator : Mr Ian Boudville TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1
2.1. External Environment 1
2.1.1. Political & Legal 2
2.1.2. Economic 2
2.1.3. Sociocultural 2
2.1.4. Technological 3
2.2. Internal Environment 3
2.2.1. Value Chain Analysis 4
2.3. The
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j) The company is presently pursuing a new strategy but has yet to achieve.
2.2.1. Value Chain Analysis
The figure below is a representation of Citigroup’s value change using Porter’s value chain analysis to understand how value is created within Citigroup.

Figure 1: Citigroup’s Value Chain Analysis
2.3. The Markets a) Customers face low switching costs (Consumers can easily switch from Citigroup to HSBC) b) Consumers are generally more insensitive to price, and more brand conscious. c) Consumers are more likely to be attracted to differentiated products d) Due to increasing affluence, consumers are more likely to expect and demand for higher product and service quality. e) The IT savvy affluent consumers today are more attracted to firms that provide products conveniently to them with the assistance of the latest online technological innovations; cutting down on traveling time and hassle. (example; one-stop online convenience center)

2.4. SWOT Analysis

2.4.1. Implications of Assessment a) Citigroup was dramatically affected by the financial