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Strategic Choice and EvaluationJane DoeSTR/581May 7, 2012Aaron ManleyStrategic Choice and EvaluationIntroduction
Trinity Rising Adult Care LLC is a family owned adult and transitional housing facility committed to the care and well being of our residents. By using innovative techniques in a home environment our business exists to help people get a sense of control over their daily lives. In the process we make residents feel secure and independent, while making sure that our staff is trained to assist with any concerns or needs as they arise.
The goal of Trinity Rising Adult Care LLC is to be the best adult care facility in the area. In order to do that Trinity must stay focused on the founding principles of the organization and its mission statement. The idea of Trinity Rising Adult Care LLC is simple; to provide adults with the care and support they and their families need in a friendly at home environment. With the changes in both state and federal regulations regarding healthcare is has become more difficult for families to find and afford quality care. Facilities that offer similar services have had to adjust how their businesses are run do to the change in the economy and governmental regulations. Trinity Rising Adult Care will have to utilize different strategies in order to find success in a changing market.
Value Discipline
Trinity Rising will attempt to set a new standard in terms of the quality and services provided for adults. By meeting the needs of the families and their loved ones Trinity will be able to succeed. Because value means different things to different people, Trinity will focus on one main area in order to excel with that and remain true to its organizational foundations. The value discipline of Trinity is its customer service CITATION Ric10 \l 1033 (Johnson, 2010). With the customer in mind, Trinity was created to address the specific needs and wants of our residents and their families. Providing a customer focused environment helps to solidify an ongoing relationship and not just a temporary one. Having a true understanding of the wants and need of the residents of Trinity Rising puts the organization in a unique place, we are then able to offer the best services geared to the individual at the best prices.
Generic Strategy
Trinity Rising wants to have a competitive advantage over other facilities in the healthcare industry. By offering leadership at a low cost, providing unique services from the other facilities, and making a specific market population our main focus will be our core strategy. Using these generic strategies allow Trinity to stay ahead in the industry.
Grand Strategy
Trinity Rising will able to become and remain successful by staying true to its core foundation, and that is the keep the customer the focus of all that is done. Putting emphasis on aggressively keep the company brand in the forefront of the community will increase brand awareness and in turn increase patient enrollment. By aggressively advertising to medical facilities and healthcare agencies will help increase customer knowledge about the organization throughout the community. As the number of residents increase revenues will also increase. Being aware of where to best use resources will allow for organizational growth at a reasonable rate.
A business of this nature can be a benefit not only to the clients but to the community as well. As people are living longer the need for quality care continues to rise. Trinity Rising Adult Day Care can be that bridge to independence as the individual needs of the person changes. Both family and client will feel safe knowing that their family member is taken care of in a facility designed with his or her needs in mind.
In an effort to be successful Trinity Rising must offer lower priced quality service. By starting small Trinity will be able to have a smaller amount of employees compared to a traditional healthcare environment.