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The initiative affects of Walt Disney Company costs and sales would include the Media networks, parks and resorts, interactive media group, consumer products, and studio entertainment, these five business sections affects cost and sales within the organization. There for, Walt Disney focus and concern is creating entertainment for people of all ages by using technology to make the most of the experience and offer quality commodities and to grow the company by using the five financial planning in order to be secure within the international market.
Walt Disney Company media network contains a host of entertainment from family broadcast television network, family television, international cable networks, family broadcast radio networks, sport networks, and publishing. These Media networks sells minutes to the programs of the network for commercial time. The cost incurred is created from production, distribution, technical support and labor. However, revenues is generated from sales of advertising, broadcasting, radio and television stations, newspaper and magazines, the internet and billboards (Walt Disney Company., 2012).
The Walt Disney parks and resorts revenues comes from the sale of admissions to theme parks and charges from hotel rooms; for example, food and beverages. Sales of merchandise, vacation rentals, club properties, and cruise vacations. The cost would consist of labor, depreciation, cost of merchandise, food and beverage sold, sales and marketing expense, maintenance of each park, and entertainment.
The Interactive Media Group of Walt Disney Company revenue is obtained from a combination of licensing, advertising, subscription service, sponsorships, wholesale sales and online game products. Games are the interactive Media Group primary operating business due to the multi-platform of global distribution, and the internet websites through out the world ( Walt Disney, 2012).
In connection to Consumer Product like licensees, publishers, retailers, and manufactures, develop, promote,