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1. Executive Summary

Business overview
Juiceit is a food services business and our main purpose is trying to create easy healthy drinks and keep people healthy while our main goal is happy customers.
We will be using a Functional organisational structure. We will begin the business with the three of us as both managers and employees however once we begin to expand we will be looking at hiring more employees.The beginning of the business we will be a partnership which is an unincorporated business entity then as the business grows, we will turn into a private company.
Business Environment
Some strengths in the business include: popular shopping spot, business contacts, sound qualifications & experience and some weaknesses are: some fruits go out of season, lack of finance and lack of managerial skill. At this current point of time Juiceit owns one store as we are going through the establishment stage in the business but when sales start rising , looking for more locations to enlarge our business.

Operations Overview
These are some of our suppliers:
Tweed Fruit Exchange will be supplying us with fruit.
Norco has a variety of different milks and yogurts that will suit the customer’s needs.
All food Equipment ( supplying company) will be supplying us with blenders.
Kent paper and packaging will be supplying us with cups of varying sizes,lids,straws,napkins and equipment for cleaning machines etc.
Marketing Plan
Although Juiceit can be used by 13+, we have decided to go with a segmented target market targeting teenagers so they can be encouraged to eat healthy and it’s also convenient for people in a hurry.

Juiceits smoothies offers the following products:
Fruit and vegetable juices smoothies superfood drinks fruit and vegetable shakes
One of juiceits goals is to obtain as many regular customers as we can and to encourage people to buy or product regularly.

Financial Plan
A small financial rundown:
Related Fringe benefits is computed at 5% of payroll expense
Food consumed on premises is subject to sales tax. This expense will vary but we assumed a fixed amount each month.
Working capital of $30,000 less. $20,000 for pre-opening supplies, expenses, labour, training, etc. = $10,000 beginning cash.
Breakeven overview
Monthly revenue break-even - $66,534
Average Percent Variable Cost - 27%
Estimated monthly Fixed Cost - $48,400
Human Resources Strategies
Hiring employees won’t be easy as we are a new business but at this current time with 3 owners of the business and only having one store, employees wouldn’t be necessary until further development of the business.
As a staff discount, all day everyday even if you don't work that day you'll get a 10% discount on any product and half an hour before and after a shift and during breaks it will be 50% off. If employees aren't sufficient enough, have been caught thieving or aren't needed anymore a notice will be giving 2 weeks prior to the suspension of the job.

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
2. Business Overview
2.1 Business Name
2.2 Nature of the Business
2.3 Vision Statement
2.4 Mission Statement
2.5 Business Goals
2.6 Organisational Structure
2.7 Legal Structure and Influences
3. Business Environment
3.1 SWOT Analysis
3.2 Situational Analysis
4. Operations Processes
4.1 Inputs
4.2 Transformation Process
4.3 Outputs
4.4 Quality Management
5. Marketing Plan
5.1 Target Market
5.2 Marketing Mix
5.2.1 Product
5.2.2 Price
5.2.3 Place
5.2.4 Promotion
6. Financial Plans and Forecasts
6.1 Establishment Costs
6.2 Sources of Finance
6.3 Projected Cash Flow
6.4 Break-Even Analysis
7. Human Resources Strategies
7.1 Acquisition
7.2 Development
7.3 Maintenance
7.4 Separation
8. The Future

2. Business Overview
2.1 Business Name
2.2 Nature of the Business
Food services
2.3 Vision Statement
‘To make a place where eating healthy is fun and productive.’
2.4 Mission Statement
‘The purpose