Swot Analysis Of A Store

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Very well branded among consumer , and a great store design
Offers unique and exclusive products.
Carefully selected occasion wear specialists.
Has a very strong marketing campaigns that increase brand familiarities.
Well conceived operational strategic team.
Location advantage
New promotional ideas like the photo shoot and larger than life windows.
Products are largely dryclean only so economically its lots to think about from the customer point of view.
Some of the cuts and styles are not suited to every customer range.
Competitive disadvantage of having a full flagship like store in oxford street debs and HOF.
No facilities for disable customer shopping, like disable fitting room
Creating new customer base, tie up with a service provider and acquiring a data base to send news and update about the range and service, sending exciting customer some small cataloge booklet of about 4 to 5 page.
Multi currency payments to be excepted.
Can create fashion walk of fame.
Big poster can be introduced during peak sale time, Christmas time or otherwise also, directing people to sign up to the brand and get exciting rewards.
Come up with a store credit card, giving away some friends and family voucher.
Having more fashion parades, Having early morning fashion booster promotion before heading to respective work
Positive and innovative multichannel ideas .
Creating a buzz with more low price dresses eg. 95 pound dress.
Being on the land mark