Essay on Strategic Management and Global Market

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“Individual Assignment One
Word limit -3000 words

Taking an international organisation that you believe has achieved superior performance in the past year , use relevant frameworks and models to appraise critically the strategy of this company. If you choose a very large organisation ,you should focus on a single international division .Cite evidence in support of your arguments.

In your answer ensure that you clearly identify what criteria you have used to conclude that it has 'achieved the superior performance', for example, through competitive positioning , financial performance, value creation etc Also be aware that the structure of the organisation (consolidations , mergers , subsdiaries ) can sometimes make performance issues difficult to gauge and when this is evident you should draw reader's attention to it.


Individual Assignment Assignment Two
You have been approached by the board of directors of an e-commerce business to advise them on the possibility of participating more actively in the national and global market.
(a) Using suitable models, analyse the potential benefits and pitfalls of developing business strategy based predominantly on web technology.
(b) Explore the key strategic decisions the company will have to make in order to achieve their strategic aspirations drawing on relevant concepts and models.
(c) Consider the implementation challenges they are likely to face in the global market using models and concepts that you think fit to illustrate your analysis.
Note: your analysis must be underpinned by appropriate academic literature and must provide clear evidence of independent critical evaluation.

Maximum Word Limit and Assessment weighting for each aspect within the assessment:

• Each of these assignments has an overall maximum of 2,000 words (not including appropriate appendices)
• Assessment weighting – 25% for each assignment (overall 50% for these written assignments)

• The remaining 50% consists of a written examination at the end of the semester
Description of Assessment Requirements

These written reports must not exceed the word limit of 2,000 words
Appendices (not included in this word count) must be used as supporting documentation, and as such be referred to in the main text
Appendices should not be used simply as additional material


Marks for this assignment will be allocated in line with the following guidelines:

• Profiling the situation –the prospective client company and their FMCG market details (15%)
• Theoretical description and analysis of the principles and practices of strategic marketing planning (25%)
• Application of these principles and practices in the context of your chosen company…