Five Year Marketing Plan

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Five-Year Marketing Plan
Mz. Pinky’s, Inc.
“A place design so you can be yourself”
“Be you & Be Original”
Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
2. Company Description

Mz. Pinky was started by Jasmine Baker (CEO), and an exclusive board that consist of Wendy Davis, Tracy Ricks, Dorothy Davis, Marquita Brown, Julian Chan, and JoeAnn Follins in 2009. These seven entrepreneurs put their 15 years of experiences of fashion and global icons to create a master-mind plan. A company design to reach out to every beautiful individual lady of any race, age, or size. Mz. Pinky has already pre-launch in August 2009 to USA, Europe, Australia, & South America, which were our first launch. The growth has develop marketing and retail business with North America, China, Japan, North/South Korea, Germany, Paris, and England several months to year after the pre-launch. The introduction to the new fall/winter and spring/summer lines will be available in late July 2013 and New Year of 2014.

Since the company’s high expectations from the pre-launch, Mz. Pinky is becoming the latest trending topics with urban and designer trends due to the company was once local/regional but has climb to international/global levels in such little time. The high demands from global into international have gained rapid growth and development with well-known markets. In detail, in the USA, Paris, and United Kingdom sales have tripled within the few months with backorders, that occur because sales wasn’t expected so fast! The company feels and considers that orders will be shipped soon as possible and appreciates all the love and support from everyone by sending a free gift with purchase. In proceeds of certain items and percents of business will be for several of our charities and organizations, because without our youth there is no hope for our future. We must invest in our youth and others that are in needed of understanding and support.

Mz. Pinky believes sales, marketing, and business will continue to be a success with high-quality, high-demands, and affordable prices have proven a successful plan. The marketing plan outlines and layout will help push the company to greater and larger expectations by the year of 2015.

3. Strategic Focus and Plan

The four strategies that influence the marketing plan are: (1) purpose (2) mission (3) goals (4) core competencies/sustainable the benefits of Mz. Pinky.


The purpose of Mz. Pinky is to give every woman the unique outfits and appearances that are possible. The company depends on these possibilities so they will be affordable, latest-fashion, and satisfies to each individual. The company also concern about the well-being of all of our clients by setting weight-loss goals (plans and movement for monthly and a yearly event dedicate to a target weight goals set for all of our customers together to celebrate the healthy life, we are trying to achieve together as one).


The mission of Mz. Pinky is to sell and market a line of clothing that are high-quality of modern, metro, and flashbacks fashions, Mz. Pinky is existing because we are able to meet everyone ideas and demands of their outfits to be creative and original. Mz. Pinky is here to be a helping hand to every female to give them the superior self-esteem and motivation with their outer appearances. Mz. Pinky vision is to become global successful so we will be able to serve each and everyone for years to come!
Also, Mz. Pinky other missions are self-confidents class in which are motivational classes that are set up for our women of youth(future), young adult to womanhood ( different areas and difficulties that life have taken a toil over self), women of abuse and recreational habits (to support and help the abuse