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DEAKIN UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND LAW School of Accounting, Economics and Finance

MAA744 Strategic Management Accounting Trimester 1, 2013
Assessment: Value of assessment: Due date: Word/Time limit Written Assignment 25% of final grade Monday 6th May 2013 at 12:00 noon 2,000 words Presentation 15% of final grade In-class presentation Week 8 - Week 12 15 minutes

Choose an Australia company and undertake a strategic analysis of that company based on theoretical concepts, analysis tools and techniques covered in Topic 1 – Topic 5. Refer to Written Assignment and Presentation below for more information about the assessment. General Instructions: 1. The assessment is a group assessment and each group will have 3 students. Groups larger or smaller than 3 members must seek permission of the Unit Chair and will only be granted in very exceptional circumstance. 2. You are encouraged to form your own group. To facilitate this process, a “Group Forming Forum” has been created on DSO. You can post expression of interest messages on the forum asking your classmates to work together. 3. If you are not able to make up your own group consisting of 3 members by Thursday 28th March 2013, 4:00pm, the Unit Chair will randomly allocate students into groups. 4. Nominate a group captain and submit the proposed company to the Unit Chair together with the group members’ names, ID numbers and emails by the above mentioned deadline. Please note that you might be requested to select another company if your chosen company has been taken by another group. Written Assignment The analysis will culminate in a written report that summarises the group’s analysis and findings. Your report should address the following: a) Introduction of the company. (10 marks) b) Undertake a strategic analysis and evaluation of the company using SWOT and PEST. (20 marks) c) What are the key resources and capabilities of the company? How the key resources and capabilities enable the achievement of the company’s corporate strategy? (10 marks) d) How sustainable are the company’s competitive advantages? Are the advantages transferable overseas? Why or why not? (10 marks) Instructions for Written Assignment: 1. Assignment must be computer-typed, double-spaced and use Times New Roman font size 12. Leave a one-inch margin on each side of the page and all pages must be numbered accordingly. 2. Start each section on a new page. Clearly label and explain all diagrams and graphs, if any.

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3. Use the Harvard Referencing System ( to cite your references. A full list of references referred to in your assignment must be provided. A 5% penalty will be applied for omission of list of references or required details. 4. No excuses for acts of plagiarism and collusion will be entertained. A zero mark will be awarded if the evidence warrants an academic offense. The University policy of plagiarism and collusion is available on The Guide ( 5. Your assignment must have an Assignment Attachment Sheet, which is available on DSO. The Assignment Attachment Sheet and your assignment must be merged and converted into a single pdf file before submission. A 5% penalty will be applied for submission without an