Strategic Management In Public Education

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Strategic management is a process where the process is formulated then evaluated and thus implemented strategies in order to accomplish long term goals and sustain competitive advantage. It clear the sense of strategic vision of the corporation, focuses on what is more important and improve the understanding of a rapid change in environment.
Creativity expert sir Ken Robinson challenges the education system and the way we are educating the children’s. Therefore, he created a video by RSA Animate education and critically analyses the fundamental issues within the system, he also further argues that we don’t get the best out of people because we educate the children to become good workers not good creative thinkers. In the end he argues that
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Public education is being unchanged since industrial age. Therefore, we need to update the school education system and the strategies to meet the needs of forming the education. Strategic capability is where business ability successfully employ the strategic compatibilities strengthen the public education system, improve child safety, and provide an effective and efficient public education system. Current education system was conceived and designed for a different age under the economic circumstances of the individual revolution and intellectual culture. Therefore, there are two pillars of education system- an intellectual pillar is that existed at the time of enlightenment where intelligent people have good knowledge and they were good at deducting reasoning. In the concept of economic people are trying to figure out how to educate their children in the 21 century, where their children can take place in the economies. Therefore, in my point of view this has created chaos in many peoples life, as some people have been greatly benefited from it while most of the people still suffer by being …show more content…
The problem of standardization and industrial design is that the current education it under estimates the intelligence and penalizes the creativity of the children’s. Therefore, our future education should be founded on the curation of knowledge allows, where the insight and knowledge will be pulled in by individuals and organizations as required. They should educate the children to create or use the idea of aesthetic expressively where they can use their sense at the highest peak rather than using the drugs used to treat ADHD which have the opposite effect and deaden the mind to what’s going on in the class. For future education they should stop continuing with the production mentality than convergent or linear thought is the way to change the paradigm. Changing the education paradigm requires thinking differently about human capacity. Therefore, we can only succeed in changing the education system, if we recognize that education is an organic system and not a mechanical