Strategic Management Essay

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Strategic Management

1. Background of Qantas
2. Analysis of Qantas
External analysis
a. What industry is it?
b. General environment analysis
c. The industry environment
d. Competitive environment
e. You now have material about opportunities
Internal analysis
f. The firm’s resources, tangible and intangible
g. Capabilities identification
h. Core competency analysis
i. Value chain analysis
j. Weakness
k. Pulling it together
l. Current strategies
3. Recommendation & Strategies
4. Conclusion
5. Reference
6. Appendix

Background of Qantas Qantas is a flag carrier airline in Australia which established in Winton, Queensland since November 1920 and the second oldest airlines in the
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It is changing the preferences of customers. Nowadays, customers will prefer eco-friendly products more than the original products. Also, the shortage of fuel and the influence of carbon dioxide emissions of aircrafts to environment that will affect increase the costs of Qantas and affecting the environment. The airlines have to employ some expertise to take experimental researches and develop renewable energy efforts.
c. The industry environment
Apply the Porter’s five forces to analysis the industry environment which are supplier bargaining power, buyer bargaining power, potential entrants and substitute products and rivalry of competitors. Supplier bargaining powers directly affect Qantas' operation. Suppliers can increase the value of fuels and aircrafts, it means that an increase of costs of fuels and lower the profits of Qantas. Then, buyer bargaining power, the major buyers of Qantas such as travel agency they may bargain a lower price because of non-seasonal period and political events or disease blow in the destination. What is more, potential entrants and substitute products indirectly affect the profits of Qantas and share the market share domestically and globally. Furthermore, Nicholas Katers states twelve steps to start an airline. Entering aviation industry must have professional knowledge and