Essay on Strategic Management and Motorola

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Read Case 17: “Motorola, Inc.” Prepare a four to ten (4-10) page report that answers the following: 1. Describe the salient opportunities and threats that exist in Motorola's external environment.

After researching Motorola one of the most delightful things that I discovered is that the biggest opportunity is their wide range of products that are well placed in the market, when the military has a need Motorola is here, when public safety has a need Motorola is there as well as the general population. Also understanding the fact that they have a very strong promotional strategy, by using different tools they tempt their customers towards an exciting era of innovation. The fact that Motorola has been involved in the venture of
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Because of past negotiating and talk of rotating its Mobile Devices to be independent companies because Motorola business leaders felt that this move would bring value to the company. Such value would include having flexibility with training and building management knowledge about the business. As the financial crisis affected business this idea was postponed until the 3rd quarter of 2009. Motorola has since decided to put efforts to study and focus on customer demand. This would include looking into inventory to follow ideas of new products. Motorola will also be looking to cut cost while stream lining operational cost. In order to refocus the company a SWOT analysis could be administered in a way that looks at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Motorola’s organizational structure to determine if changes need to be made that would result in a more effective structure. If this move is successful Motorola is would need to be aware of the risks this would entail.

4. Explain how Motorola should proceed.

Over the years Motorola has reinvented itself and at this time it needs to do the same. This can be done by focusing on the market needs and its customers by staying in front of all mobile technologies, especially the cell industry where it has made it mark since the forefather pioneered the company. Motorola is currently positioning itself to be the