Strategic Marketing Of Mahindra Reva

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Strategic marketing of Mahindra Reva
1. Introduction
After the phase out of G-Wiz from the UK market in 2011, no Reva versions have been launched in this market for four years. During this period, the sales of electric cars market in the Britain have surged, especially in the past two years. Now, Mahindra Reva decides to launch its new product Reva e20, the successor of G-Wiz in the UK, and plans to export another new version halo to the country. The problem is whether the company can re-occupy the market just as it had done 10 years ago. This report aims to provide some recommendations on its strategic marketing objectives in the UK market on the basis of market analysis, its competitiveness, competitor analysis and customer analysis.
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2.3 Technological factors
Electric cars are highly technological and currently some important technological issues have not been completely solved. One is range of electric vehicles. Temporarily, the longest range is 310 miles, provided by expensive Tesla S. Most of them are between 100 miles and 200 miles range. Obviously, customers need longer range and do not want to charge their cars frequently. Another is cost of batteries. The replacement of batteries and lease of batteries cost much to buyers. The cost of batteries takes up a big proportion of price of electric cars. It is predicted that the cost of batteries may be solved within a decade (Milligan, 2015). The range and cost of batteries are directly related to customer satisfaction and experience. Electric vehicles manufacturers have to constantly innovate and advance in technologies in these fields so as to outcompete the rivals and win more customers. Mahindra Reva has being strong in technological innovation and advancement. However, it has to apply more effort on major technological issues.
3. Situational analysis
In assessing Mahindra Reva’s competitiveness in the British market, the resource audit model is used. Competitive resources include financial resources, human resources, physical resources and intangible resources. These resources directly determine the competitiveness of a company.
Intangible resources are much fundamental to Mahindra Reva’s competitiveness in the market. The intangible