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Information Management and Business Review
Vol. 3, No. 4, pp. 217-221, Oct 2011 (ISSN 2220-3796)
Marketing Strategies of Imported Herbal Cosmetic Products in Thailand
Rojanadilok, Thanisorn*, Bunchapattanasakda
Chanchai School of Management Shinawatra University, Thailand
Abstract: This research investigated the factors that influence marketing strategies of imported herbal cosmetic products in Thailand. The study is qualitative research using in - depth interview to collect primary data and use content analysis to analyze the obtained data. The facial herbal cosmetics products using in this study were moisturizer, whitening lotions, creams, powder, toner, make up cleansing, mask, cleansing oil, soap bar, anti-aging lotions and creams which imported from Australia and the USA. Findings from the study found that product A positioned itself as a premium biodynamic natural plus innovation technology product using the greenhouse concept. The shops were decorated using recycle woods. The products’ packaging give customers a sense of the source, herb images grow around the boxes and bottles, whilst the text grows with the image, creating a sense of energy. Product A conscious of the environment and strive to source and use the most environmentally aware materials where possible. The retail price strategy depends on local marketing promotions. It has the stand-alone shops plus day spa and counters in department stores. The advertisement media strategies focus on magazine, direct mail, social network advertisement; facebook. Product B sets the position as an innovative organic beauty solution using pure certified organic ingredients without paraben, petroleum, and silicones. Recycled materials were used to make packaging and printed using soy ink. It has shop online and 12 counters in department stores. The local price strategy is discount on vocation. The promotion strategies focused on premium product and cash discount. The advertisement strategies of product B focused on magazines, direct mail, social network advertisement; facebook and popular brand ambassadors. Product C set position as ancient herbal product.
The product’s formulations have made with the unique natural ingredients, effective botanical extracts with the latest innovations from around the world since a 160 years old formula. The products avoid using of preservative and perfume. It has 8 counters in department stores and used the recyclable packaging so that product C concentrate the efforts and cost on the substance and quality of products which reflex selling price. The advertisement strategies focused on brochure and social network advertisement (facebook and twitter) while selling promotion strategies of the product are free premium sampling, customers refer friends, and 28 days satisfaction guarantee for refund.
Keywords: Cosmetic, Herbal, Import, Marketing Strategy, Products, Thailand
1. Introduction
Thailand’s cosmetic product market has a very strong group of potential customers’ base of 18 million females’ age between 15 to 50 years old. (Cosmetic Products Market in Thailand, 2009) Thailand is a target market for herbal cosmetic products from Australia and USA. Imported herbal cosmetic companies invest the money in extremely marketing campaigns to inform their consumers of benefits, value of the products, pay premium products and advertisement using various types of medias such as printed ad, event advertisement, direct mail, television, magazine, and brochures. This research compared the marketing strategies of three imported herbal cosmetic products in Thailand.
The biggest multinational cosmetics companies in the world such as Avon, Procter and Gamble, Estee
Lauder, Nivea, and L’oreal are very much interested in the market (Ergin et al., 2005). The market value for cosmetics and skincare in 2009 was US$408 million. International brands such as Lancome, Estee Lauder,