Class 1 Description Framework For Operations Strategy

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OPERATIONS STRATEGY Instructor: Gad Allon Contact: g-­‐‑
Class 1 Description Framework for operations strategy Tailoring operations strategy Investor/External view of operations: - Operations Forensics - Linking to Financials (ROIC tree) Asset strategy, operational hedging and risk mgmt. Sourcing strategy: Global networks and offshoring Strategic sourcing and supplier relations Reading Swiss Watch Industry (Ch1, p. 32) Peapod (Ch. 13, p. 415)

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External view of the organization’s operations. Risk
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Groups that do not want to do a project can choose to hand-­‐‑in a capstone write-­‐‑up on the Harley-­‐‑Davidson case in the textbook. Approach the project as a “case study” of an organization whose operations strategy you can analyze and improve. Use the following criteria in choosing the organization or the organizational unit: (1) Either your organization or a competitor. (2) You have access to its financial data (balance sheet, income statement) and possibly operational data. (3) The organization has an operational component (manufacturing, procurement or service). (4) In your opinion, your organization faces an operational challenge. FORMAT: The maximum length is 8 pages of text, (12pts double-­‐‑spaced,) and maximally 4 pages of supporting exhibits. IMPORTANT NOTE: At the end of each class, the students will be instructed on how to make progress based on what they have learned in that class. Groups that will work during the week on their projects and invest about an hour after every class are expected to have the majority of the