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The Strategic Plan is a framework for decisions and forward movement toward improvement of
The institution. It directs the work of both the school administration and trustees as yearly goals
Are formed for their work, budgets are designed to support the plan, and benchmarks provide the
Ability to monitor progress and assess accountability of those in charge of implementation.
Mission Statement
A Strategic Plan is driven the by purpose the HRSB school serves as reflected in its Mission
Statement. The statement should be succinct and clear and a continuous point of reference in the
Development of a Strategic Plan.
Vision for the Future
An inspired statement about the primary focuses for the school as it designs specific
Implementation of the Strategic Plan. This statement could start, “In the next five years, the
School will be the one of popular school
HRSB’s Values
In carrying out our Mission, we strive to demonstrate:
• A focus on student achievement and school improvement
• A commitment to put the best educational interests of students first
• A commitment to fostering a school system where students learn because they want
To and not because they have to
• An ability to connect with, motivate and empower students to discover their talents
And passions
• Equity and fairness of opportunity and quality of programs across the system
• A welcoming and supportive learning environment for our diverse student
• The ability to adapt and thrive in constant change
• A commitment to optimize existing resources
• Forward‐thinking and collaboration with partners
• Recognition and support of the inter‐dependence of parents, educators and the
Community in the success of our students
• Courageous leadership
Strategic Themes and Desired Outcomes
In order to achieve our Vision, the HRSB will be focused on the following strategic
Themes for the next four (4) years:
1. Student Achievement/Success 3. Equitable Opportunities for Students
2. Exemplary Teaching 4. Public Confidence in Education
. Goals, Strategies and Key Outcomes
Strategic Goal 1: To improve student achievement and personal success.
• Ensure appropriate program planning is in place for every student
• Ensure an ongoing process to support all schools in their focus on school
Improvement planning
• Continue to support existing and to develop new instructional leadership skills for
• Prepare students for a fulfilling path beyond school
Key Outcomes:
We will know we have been successful when HRSB achieves:
• 100% of schools actively engaged in the provincial Continuous School