Strategic Plan Part 1: Conceptualizing A Business

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Strategic Plan Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business

Strategic Plan, Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business
BUS 475
University of Phoenix
March 18, 2013

Strategic plan part 1: Conceptualizing a business

When conceptualizing a business it is important to make sure to create a high quality strategic plan. This plan will help to detail a company’s vision, mission, values, goals, and direction that will be desired once the company has been started. When deciding to start a new company one must decide the best type of business would suit someone as well as to be a successful company. Once this has been completed the strategic plan can be started.
Our Mission Statement Starting in 2012 my business partner and I started
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Dr. Yetishefsky and I both truly believe in providing care for all animals that walk in our door whether our clients are rich or poor. We both have worked for clinics where many animals were either turned away because of the inability to pay and or euthanized because owners were not able to provide the needed care. We have created a savings account of sorts to help provide funds to clients who might struggle with covering the needed care. We also believe in working with the community to help save the lives of the many dogs and cats up for adoption in our area. To help do this we have set up adoption days to showcase the numerous pets up for adoption and have offered free services like a free first time office visit, bath and brush, and vaccines for all new adoptions. For our employees we also have strong values and that is to offer a safe, fun, and encouraging work environment. We openly communicate with our staff members and encourage the same thing. We regularly have team lunches so that we all have down time together to relax and encourage a social and relaxed atmosphere to help break up the stress of our jobs. We want to make sure that our team members feel supported and appreciated for their hard work and there for offer benefits, vacation pay, and offer bonuses when they make large sales and meet our financial goals.
Strategic Direction The strategic direction is something that