Strategic Plan Part One Conceptualizing A Business

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Strategic Plan Part One Conceptualizing a Business
Carmen Bryant
August 8, 2012
Garold Cold

Strategic Plan Part One Conceptulizing a Business

In this paper it will explain my business, the products, and services as well as the customers who will be coming into the establishment. By developing a mission statement that will help create a vision statement for my business, and, it clearly will help the customers and employees understand what it is that I want for my business and what I want in the future for my business.

The business that I chose is Sunday’z Best, which is the name of my restaurant that I plan to open. Sunday’z Best will serve the best quality of down home country foods. The restaurant will have
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When planning, we have to make sure that the goals which are set are built on the strengths that will take advantage of any opportunity that comes along, and this will ward off the threats of the company. The strategies that the business chooses will depend on the companies budget and if we can afford it and use it effectively. Make sure that the responsibilities which are set will be implemented accordingly to reach our goals
The vision and mission statements that are set, will be very important because it will provide a strong framework of the business and help guide the company in the direction in which I would like for it to go. Not only my vision, but with the staff that will be in place, the employees and management will know and understand where I want the business to go in terms of my objectives and provide the formula of the short term goals. With the strategic plans and control that I will have over the business will develop a better vision of my business. I want my business to be well known because being in Dallas, there are many Celebrities that travel through and stop at the restaurants to eat, and with the name Sunday’z Best, I am hoping that it will have a great sound and people will stop in.
The business will be very well grounded in the values that I have and would want the people of business to act