Essay on Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business

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Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business

Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business
Bell-Mart mission and a mission statement must is clear and succinct enough to signify its purpose and existence to its employees and customers. Bell-Mart evaluates how it will address its customer’s needs and how to differentiate its products and services to enhance its competitive advantage. A vision and a vision statement convey the type of company Bell-Mart strives to become in the future. With guiding principles or values Bell-Mart puts into consideration of the company’s culture, social responsibility, and ethics. Finally by analyzing Bell-Mart mission, vision, and values
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Bell-Mart helps its consumers save money, so that they can live a better and happier life. Our leadership, organizational, and culture changes design makes Bell-Mart customers its number one priority. This company business plans affects its customers in a variety of ways through various formats. It is the company’s goal and purpose to make its brands, products, and services responsive to the needs of every individual customer while building a lifetime trusting relationship with its customers.
Bell-Marts guiding principles or values incorporates the topics of culture, social responsibilities, and ethics. The company’s basic Guiding Principles gives a general idea of the company’s ethical standards. According to Management (2011), “Companies with an adaptive culture that is aligned to their business goals routinely outperform their competitors” (para. 2, p. 1) with an adaptive culture Bell-Mart will have a competitive advantage over its competitors. Bell-Mart will have an ongoing ethical standard that will introduce attitudes and conduct that creates an honest, legal, and fair work environment. With programs put in place that will help employees recognize situation or behaviors that may be a violation of the company’s ethical standards.
There are several guiding principles set in place that helps Bell-Mart executive, management, and employees make the right decision and act with integrity. This guideline