Strategic Plan Part Ii Swott Analysis Essay

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Strategic Plan Part II Swott Analysis
Ed Miller

Strategic Plan Part II Swott Analysis
Big Wheel Brewing is a new and innovative craft beer brewing company. Big Wheel Brewing is dedicated to bringing their customers craft brews of the highest quality. Big wheel beers are made for people who prefer quality over quantity. Taste is the most important thing when it comes to brewing fine craft ales. An internal and external analysis will be conducted to determine the factors that have an impact on the success of the company. A SWOTT analysis will also be conducted to determine the strengths and weaknesses of Big wheel brewing along with threats and trends in the brewing industry. When analysis is complete it will help Big Wheel
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Craft beer is not made for rednecks to drink a case at the bar and then start fighting with everybody. It is a much more socially laid back kind of beer.
Technology in today’s breweries is outstanding. There are much more high tech devices used than in the past. One of the leaders in brewing technology is GEA brewing systems. GEA Brewery Systems, Huppmann, is one of the leading companies worldwide supplying complete brewhouses with state-of-the-art process control to the brewing industry ( 2011). Milling is one of the most important processes in making beer and over the last three decades milling has begun to evolve from conventional wet milling to a combination of wet and dry milling. The most technological advance in brewing today is ultrasound pulses can be used to remove carbon dioxide from beer faster than ever before. This allows for more production and faster delivery time to distributors.
The strategy of most microbrewers is to produce the highest quality of beer as possible. The never sacrifice taste motto is commonplace in the microbrew industry. While big commercial brewers churn out thousands upon thousands of cases to make their profits microbrewers often limit the amount of beer they will brew to ensure quality. Pricing is usually higher than that of commercial brewers but the