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Strategic Analysis Report of Nottingham Greyhoud Stadium

•Colwick Park •NG2 4BE •Nottinghamshire

Nottingham Trent University
Sports Science and Management BSc (Hons)
Year 2

Benjamin Oliver – N0541419

Chapter 1 – Social & Global Analysis
1.1 PESTLE Analysis

Figure: 1 PESTLE Analysis Framwork
Political Factors
Driven by those who love government initiatives? The political environment need not be limited to the country which the business operates and or the associated sport is played (Beech J & Chadwick S. 2004).
Economic Factors
These are major aspects of the economy that influence the industry; whilst playing a hugely significant role in determining the consumer’s behaviour (Beech J & Chadwick S. 2004).
Social Factors
Attitudes and behaviours are influence by many drivers, with education, health, changes in work patterns and demographics being amongst one of the most obvious influences on the sports industry (Beech J & Chadwick S. 2004).
Technology Factors
Recreates certain markets even though their impact is clear within parts of the sports industry, whilst for some organisations it is their failure to keep up with technological advances that is even more significant (Beech J & Chadwick S. 2004).
Environment Factors
Parker & Stone (2003) stated that ‘to ignore the systemic nature of organisations, in terms of both the organisations’ internal functions and their interaction with external environments and influence is to risk ; costly, ineffective solutions.
Legal Factors
Aspects which every sport/business organisation must abide by, however easy it may be to monitor (Beech J & Chadwick S. 2004).

1.2 Influence Matrix
Influence on Industry (1-10)
Influence on Company (-5- 5)
Government Stability, Trade Regulations and Tax Policies.

Due to the increasing influence of governing bodies on sports and the leisure industry a change in laws or presidency could mean a change in various aspects such as TV contracts and licenses to particular events and meets would not only affect the industry but the business on a whole. If by any chance they were to lose their main source of income the Tuesday night TV contract then they would embark on serious loses.
Disposable income of buyers, Inflation, Unemployment rates and Recession.

As the recession has taken hold more customers are reluctant to part with their so called ‘leisure pound’ and try to put into something else. In contrast as times are hard people could be forced to make more bets intending to make more money within the recession.
Population demographics, Age, Changes in lifestyle and trends.
- 1

Unfortunately a general outlook on the greyhound racing as whole is seen as a an older generation sport. As more and more people attend or get involved with betting on the racing they soon come to realise it has the adverse facilities to fit the needs of all social/age groups.
New innovations and discoveries (Online Betting), Pace of technological innovations and advances.

With a massive increase in online betting, it has been made easier for people to bet which means the industry would benefit a lot. It not only attracts new customers, but customers of all types and ages. Although this can be a positive it can also create a negative effect with people becoming less obliged to actually visit the greyhound stadium in person.
Media Coverage, TV, Internet.

Development in technology would mean more media coverage which would have a huge effect positively due to the amount of publicity. It would also create a lot of future opportunities that could be both financially and structurally positive.
Employment Regulations, Animal Rights, Health and Safety regulations and Product regulations.

Due to the animal rights organisation creating a lot of media attention, dog racing would have to take into consideration various new laws and legislations.