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John Lewis
John Lewis

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Question 1
The website of the chain store John Lewis is a commercial website. It can be seen immediately what John Lewis is selling and what services they offer, however it is a very diversified company, as John Lewis website sells products ranging from kitchen gadgets to MacBooks, from sofas to sport & leisure products and much more.
The group that has created this website has thought about it for a long time and the website shows the expertise of the group or individual that has created the website. John Lewis can be affiliated to another major company Waitrose, creating a partnership, John Lewis Partnership (JLP). However, John Lewis also sells up-chain brands and products such as Apple products, Braun, Beats, Dyson etc.
The first impressions of the website is that it is very easy to read and understand the website. It has headings on top, a clear picture with the MacBook on it with warranty. There is a lot of information and different sections on the website. The content of the website does achieve its purpose, information is precise, complete and quality orientated.
The main purpose of the website is to make all the products selling in stores available to their customers online, making the buying and selling process easier. John Lewis offers top quality products and is known for their excellent services. This has increased their trust and therefore increased their intrinsic value.
John Lewis is an authentic website, at the bottom of the website the registration details can be found. The website is technically reliable and can be browsed through search engines. The website requires a large server, and needs a lot of maintenance, as at its peak John Lewis received more than 113 million visitors a day. (BBC, 2013) The company relies on the feedback of their online customers and implement the feedback into the website by constant improving it.
The website is clear to enter and easy to navigate. It has clear heading coloured green and the title John Lewis on the top left. There is a search tab mid top and on the right top corner the website has the “your basket” tab for the shopping. The layout is consistent and a similar layout throughout the website. The page layout is effective and easy to navigate and visually appealing. The graphic design of the website is fairly advanced, making the website easy to navigate for anyone entering the website. The graphic design also reflects the purpose of the website, as the website is intended to attract online consumers. The website reflects this vision and is designed to appeal to the customers using soft colours, inspirational advice, using alternative social websites to follow updates, find deals and get inspired by John Lewis.

Question 2 John Lewis has a clear objective, which is committed to growth, and introducing their brand to more areas of the country (John Lewis 2013). The company is trying to achieve the objectives set through online as well