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The purpose of completing exercises and the post-session assignments is to encourage participants to review the session materials and to get started implementing training objectives, while the material is fresh.

The electronic version of this post-session assignment is located in this session’s Web links: There are eight parts in the post-session assignment for the Strategic Planning and Program Evaluation Session. If you took this session as part of the COSM Program, you must complete a minimum of five parts and attain a score greater than 70%. Each part has a percentage value. The five (or more) assignments you complete should be chosen to be the most relevant to your work situation.

In the following pages you will fill in your responses in the areas directly below each item. Place the cursor after an item and start typing. The document will expand to accommodate what you write. There is no need for you to be concerned about the format of the document; your content is what is important.

Upon completion of these assignments, save this file with your name first (example: Doe, Jane strategy), and submit the assignment document to the COSM administrative office for evaluation using the following email address:

Before emailing this completed file, fill-in these three lines:
→Your name: Click here to enter text.
→Session date:
→Number of assignments completed: Click here to enter text.

You will receive a reply to acknowledge receipt of your completed assignment.

1. Develop a safety vision that aligns with your organization’s mission statement.

Directions: Using your organization’s mission statement, develop a safety vision statement that aligns with your organization’s mission statement. If you are a student or work for an organization which does not have a mission statement, you may choose one from the Strategic Planning section of your COSM session participant workbook (exercise 1) or use the sample mission statement below. If you already have a safety vision statement that aligns with your organization’s mission statement, you are welcome to use it.

Assessment score value: 20%

“Safety is our highest value. By maximizing the participation of our most valuable assets, our people, we will seek out and correct all unsafe situations with zero recordable injury incident rate being the only acceptable goal. This value is embedded in our organization by being part of our culture. Every employee, and its contractors, is expected to be an active facilitator of this culture.”

To lead our company to new levels of excellence by providing our customers with unparalleled and unequalled service and to guarantee their satisfaction. To be a leader in the community by providing a stable and productive work environment To be a leader in our field through innovation and employee empowerment.

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2. Determine the safety views of top management in your organization.

Directions: Either talk to your top management and get their views or provide your personal assessment of what you believe your organization’s top management views are regarding all of the following items. Record the results.

Assessment score value: 20%

Leading safety priorities:
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Top causes of workers compensation claims:
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Effect of workplace accidents on financial performance:
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Are indirect costs of injuries significant?
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Effects of safety programs regarding productivity, cost reduction, employee retention, and job satisfaction:
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Is your position essential to the organization?
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Perception of the ROI for safety:
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3. Identify