Strategies For Gathering Information

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Appendix D

Strategies for Gathering Information

|Source |What makes the source credible or |What information can you gather from this|
|(Formatted using APA style guidelines) |non-credible? |source? |
|Day, Richard H. (2008) The Technology Evolving Culture: |This source was retrieved from the |This will be a great source to obtain |
|Character and Consequence. Journal of Evolutionary Economics. |University Library and was written |information about how technology is |
|Retrieved April 20, 2011, from |by professionals. |changing and the consequences of it |
| | |changing. |
|Journal of Assistive Technologies (J ASSIST TECHNOL), 2011 Mar; |This source was retrieved from the |This article is very interesting; it |
|5(1): 45-50 |University Library and was written |discusses how technology changing is |
| |by professionals. |affecting and helping people with |
| | |learning disabilities. |
|Vielhaber, Mary E., Waltman, John L., |This source was retrieved from the |This article discusses how technology |
|Journal of Business Communication; Jul2008, Vol. 45 Issue 3, |University Library and was written |benefited there company and the steps the|
|p308-330, 23p |by professionals. |union had to go through to get the |
| | |technology where they wanted. |
|de Abreu, Belinha, New Horizons in Education; Dec2010, Vol. 58 |This source was retrieved from the |This source discusses how ever changing |
|Issue 3, p26-33, 8p, 1 Diagram |University Library and was written |technology can help benefit classrooms |
| |by professionals. |and children’s leaning abilities. |
|Lemon, Nancy K. D., Family & Intimate Partner Violence |This source was retrieved from the |This article is the most interesting of |
|Quarterly; Winter2011, Vol. 3 Issue 3, p271-284, 14p |University Library and was written |all; it talks about technology regarding |
| |by professionals. |the law. It talks about how