Strategies: Intelligence and Auditory Learner Essay

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Strategies Class Three – Lesson #2
“Taking Control of My Academic Success—Understanding My Learning Style”
September 5, 2013

Take detailed notes on the lecture video (on this Google Doc below) (5 pts) Put your name and hour in the top left corner here.

Application: (10 pts) After taking the online learning style assessment, read all of the information about each style. It is completely normal to have more than one style! Turn in this completed form by the end of class on Thursday, September 5 to your online folder.

List out your scores:

Visual Learner

9 *
Auditory Learner

Tactile/Kinesthetic Learner


Put a star by your highest score
Take your highest two numbers. Subtract them from each other. If your difference is a 0, 1, or 2, you may be a multi-sensory learner.
If you are a multisensory learner, put a star by both styles.

List your strongest learning style/s below. List some of the strategies given that might help you with remembering information or gathering information during a class.

Learning Style
Description, Tips, Ideas for Success
Visual Learner

Copy down what the teacher puts on the board, or take notes after doing a hands-on project
Auditory Learner

Make sure to listen to what the teacher says, and take notes so you won’t forget.

Take the Multiple Intelligences assessment:
Go to:

List your top three intelligences:

Likes the rhythm & sound of language.
Likes to develop ideas & learn from other people.
Has a very good sense of self. If any of your intelligence scores are above a 3 (even if not in your top 3 scores), you’re probably using