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Strategies to Improve Performance
Over a period of 6 weeks, I have been able to learn how to juggle and then further improve my juggling skills. This was done over 10 sessions of 15 minute practices, and each time I used a strategy and a technique which would differ each week. For instance, I used part practice, massed practice, concentration, goal setting and internal/external feedback. However, the technique I used most was making sure that I was throwing the 3 juggling balls at a consistent height and distance from my body, and the strategy I used most was distributed practice. I found these very effective for my learning of how to juggle.
A technique is a way of carrying out a particular task, especially in the execution or performance in a skill.
Having never juggled before, I struggled within the first few sessions as I wasn’t throwing the ball at a consistent height or distance from my body, and therefore my throws were unpredictable. This made them much harder to catch and reach my long term goal of 15 consecutive passes and catches. I selected this technique as I thought that it would help correct my juggling and eventually reach my long term goal, as well as make my throws more predictable and accurate. After watching a couple of YouTube videos of how to juggle, I saw that the jugglers threw the ball at around their eye level, and they weren’t catching the ball at more than an arms-length away. In the 4/10 sessions I used this technique for, I concentrated at…