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Research Paper
Two Different Companies: Nike, Inc. and Daimler
John Lee
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John Lee, Ph. D.
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This research paper performs basic research on American Airlines Group. involved in the delivery of airline services to customers in the US and other countries of the world. This paper answers each question based on the information in the case. First question identifies the firm's apparent current mission, and then briefly review the firm's current objectives and strategies. Second question describes the firm's current financial condition, using financial ratios and other pertinent income and balance sheet data to support its analysis. The third one discusses the firm's external opportunities and threats. The fourth question discusses the firm's internal strengths and weaknesses. Question number 5 is based analyses, and revises the firm's mission, objectives, and discusses corporate and business strategies that are recommended to achieve the firm's mission and objectives. The last question outlines the specific actions needed for implementation of chosen strategies.

American Airlines Group American Airlines Group 's apparent current mission, objectives and strategies. Mission
American Airlines Group (AAG) is one of the largest airlines in the world that focuses on the provision of customers with the high quality of services to allow them traveling fast and comfortably. In addition, the company attempts to take the leading position through the attraction of customers to its services and the high customer satisfaction. At the same time, the company focuses on its social and environmental responsibility doing its best to minimize its negative impact on the environment by means of introduction of innovations and making its fleet and routs as efficient as possible.
The company’s primary objective is the further market expansion to increase the market share of the company and expand its business internationally. The company is also concerned with the customer satisfaction because it contributes to the overall business success and helps the company to reach positive marketing outcomes. In addition, the company attempts to increase the efficiency of its business operations through innovations and improvements.
The company uses diverse marketing strategies to reach desirable outcomes. In this regard, the company pays a particular attention to the strategy of mergers and acquisitions, which allows the company to grow fast and expand its market share as well as increase its business operations worldwide fast. The company is not always concerned with costs of such expansion because the market expansion is priority for AAG so far. The company also attempts to implement the strategy of the total quality management to maximize the customer satisfaction. AAG also develops the strategy of the wide introduction of innovations aiming at the optimization of the company’s performance and increase of its efficiency.
Current financial condition
Current ratio: 0.90
Quick ratio: 0.83
Cash ratio: 0.60
The firm's external opportunities and threats
Political forces: The political environment is stable since the company is based in the US. Today, the US government as well as governments of many other countries, where AAG operates, is interested in investments and business activities that provide the company with loyal government policies.
Economic forces: The economic environment is rather positive than negative. Low fuel prices, the growing economy, and increasing attention of customers to airline services contribute to the growth of the company. However, negative effects of the economic recession of 2008 are still relevant, although they have already become weak.
Social cultural forces: