Straw Berry Extraction Essay

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Anthony Statton
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Extraction of strawberry DNA
Background Research Since DNA is the blueprint for life, everything living contains DNA. DNA isolation is one of the most basic and essential techniques in the study of DNA. The extraction of DNA from cells and its purification are of primary importance to the field of biotechnology and forensics. Extraction and purification of DNA are the first steps in the analysis and manipulation of DNA that allow scientists to detect genetic disorders, produce DNA fingerprints of individuals, and even create genetically engineered organisms that can produce beneficial products such as insulin, antibiotics, and hormones. (, 2013) Simply put, DNA Extraction is the removal of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) from the cells or viruses in which it normally resides. Extraction of DNA is often an early step in many diagnostic processes used to detect bacteria and viruses in the environment as well as diagnosing disease and genetic disorders. (, 2013) Extraction of DNA is important because of many reasons. With the ability to remove DNA from an organism, scientists can observe, manipulate, and classify the DNA. Scientists can possibly find cures for these causes by manipulating or experimenting with this DNA. Scientists can accurately sort organisms into classes because of DNA uniqueness. If we didn't have DNA extraction, it would be a lot harder to decide which organisms are different from each other. (, 2013)
Problem- How can DNA be extracted from the cell?
Hypothesis- DNA can be extracted from the cell by going into the nucleus of the cell where the DNA is located and extract several chromosomes.

Materials plastic bag
Strawberries (fresh or frozen) dish detergent
Rubbing alcohol cup of water coffee filter and plastic cup wooden popsicle stick or toothpick

1. Placed the strawberry into the plastic bag, sealed it and gently