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In the play “A Streetcar named Desire” you watch as the characters become increasingly hostile towards one another. Both Stanley and Blanche seem like very nice characters, but by the end their true colors begin to show. The person who changes the most in the play was Stanley. In the beginning he and Stella are both very nice, and happy people but as the story progress’s, you watch as Stanley becomes a very violent and angry person towards everyone around him. He begins to snap at everything and has an increasingly lowering tolerance towards his sister in law, Blanche, who is staying with them. By the end, Stanley is not the same character he was in the beginning and his personality has one a 180 as he violently lashes out at those he says he cares about.

In the beginning you can clearly tell that Stella and Stanley are a happy couple. When Stanley comes home to bring Stella the meat from the butcher you can see the smile on their faces, and hear the laughter in their voices when they speak to each other. Stella is invited to come out bowling and it is easy to assume that they have a good relationship and are both happy with one another. The play does a great job of showing what the beginning of an abusive relationship can look like, both characters appear to be very happy with their lives and with the relationship but underneath the smiles and laughter that they are not happy. This part shows that when you are in any relationship sometimes things aren’t always as they seem.

As the play goes on Stanley and Stella become increasingly angrier, and more hostile towards one another. When Blanche arrives Stanley does not seem impressed and once he has seen the inside of Blanches trunk with all of her valuable items he begins to show his true angry side. After this Stanley does not like Blanche, and becomes very rude towards her. He shows this by constantly snapping and over-reacting to little things at both her and Stella. There are many instances throughout the play where Stanley would act very out of line and as though he was just an angry individual, which all built up to him finally lashing out to the full extent in the end.

Stanley seems as though he could have the potential to be a good person, but throughout the play he becomes so aggressive that he lashes out on several occasions and proves he is unable to control his own emotions. He was a do now-think later person, and in the beginning you would never assume that he would