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uestA Streetcar Named Desire: Reading Response Questions Part 2

1) From reading the interview, it is clear that Williams is a troubled man that expresses both his feelings, opinions, and personal issues within his play. He is similar to Blanche in this play, being objectified by society, and not belonging. He incorporates a little bit of himself and those that are around him in the different characters within the play. Just like the gay husband of Blanche, he too was gay, and coped with the disapproval of his family members. Though he should be cynical after all the negative things in his life, he doesn’t believe in good or evil. Only in the actions of people. He is not unpleasant, and is in fact an open and sensitive man that wanted to change the views of society upon many different topics that were considered controversial at the time.

2) They at first glance seem innocent but in reality they have their own major flaws. Stella isn’t kind, she is just submissive. Though she cares for her sister, and trusts her husband, she doesn’t particularly have a strong character so it is hard to tell weather she kind or not. As for Mitch, he also appears to be kind, and caring at first, as evidenced by his relationship with his mother. He is also much more calm, and less rude than Stanley and his other friends. But, when he finds out about Blanche’s betrayal, he calls her dirty and breaks off his relationship with her. Though he remains calm he is in no ways kind or