Street Prostitution In The Zona Galactica

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Question two, how is street prostitution different from sex work inside the Zona Galactica? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each? How do perceptions of street prostitution differ from zone workers? Street prostitution and sex work inside the Zona Galactica are different because sex work in the zona is legal and street prostitution is illegal. There are many benefits for working inside Zona Galactica, some of the benefits are free condoms, security, clean, and government regulated. The only benefit to street prostitution is you can charge more for your sex work but in the zona Galactica there is a set price. The drawbacks of working in the Zona Galactica is that prices are regulated, mandatory HIV testing, lab fees, and renting a room. The …show more content…
Sex work in the Zona Galactica and street prostitution both have its benefits and drawbacks, with one being legal and the other being illegal. Street prostitution which is considered illegal and Zona Galactica sex work which is considered legal both have its benefits and drawbacks. In order to enforce illegal street prostitution and transform them into legal sex workers, government officials conduct raids. Raids are an effective way to “transform commercial sex workers from casual, part-time sex workers to full-time prostitutes, from “delinquents” laboring in the informal economy to disciplined, regulated workers” (Kelly 67). When government officials conduct these raids to gather information, these women are tested for diseases and offered a way to continue sex work but legally by working at Zona Galactica. The benefits of street prostitution is that since it is unregulated sex workers are able to charge more for their services. Some sex workers want that extra money so they would go back to street prostitution. “A woman providing normal services in the Galactica may earn anywhere from ten to forty pesos… in Morelos