Street Smart Vs Book Smart Essay

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Books, are they a lost cause for Millennia’s? In the arguments of street smarts vs. book smarts some would argue that street smarts have more to offer than books, I don’t believe that to be the case. Books inform us about the past, present and several give us insight on the future. After all, our foundation has been built on the authors and published papers of scientists from the past. This is why book smarts have a greater impact on our future than street smarts.

To clarify the differences in “book smarts vs. street smarts”. “Book smart” is someone who relies on books to succeed in learning life’s lessons; “street smart” is someone who has learned their basic life skills from first hand experiences. In selected cases, one could argue that
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You can quickly become lost in a conversation with a friend or a lesson from a teacher when you have no text to understand their reasoning’s. It is often easier for somebody to understand the page in front of them over a person talking to them. For instance, one day in my AutoCAD class my teacher, Mrs. Ridley was trying to explain to us the dimensions we needed to enter as “limits” for our program. I quickly became lost in her explanation, being a visual learner, I need further than a quick mention of numbers to understand how to properly enter them, luckily I had my book open to the page then before I knew it I was ahead of the class in the project. Not only are books there when you desperately need a more definite answer, but several books and published papers offer the finding of our greatest scientists and physicists, such as Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Erwin Schrodinger to name a few of my favorites. If these three relied farther on street smarts than book smarts would they have ever tried their knowledge on something a immense as “General relativity” a theory of Stephen Hawking which explains gravitation, the theory that was built off of Einstein’s own theories. Nevertheless, where would we be without their theories. My point here is that books carry a wide range of uses, numerous hold extremely important life lessons and some