Strength And Weakness In The Crucible

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The Crucible shows courage, weakness and truth. In Salem, Massachusetts 1692 the Salem Witch Trials took place, causing twenty people their lives. Many people showed these characterizes by standing up to the court, not willing to agree to lying and much more. Courage, weakness and truth are three main characterizes that describe The Crucible. Courage shows an individual will continue to fighting even when everything or everyone is against them. In Act III John Proctor has everything to lose, but he continued to make the court believe everything done and everyone Abigail has accused was a complete lie. John was willing to lose his good name by admitting to lechery, which showed Abigail had a motive to the accusations. In Act II Elizabeth Proctor …show more content…
Elizabeth Proctor showed her truth when John was thinking of admitting to witchcraft. As her and John talked, she told John truthfully, he is a good man and he should not blame himself for lechery and God will forgive him for his sins since it is not her job to do so. Reverend Hale’s moment of truth shocked everyone around. Being the person who confirmed the courts thought of witchcraft being practiced in Salem. When Hale visited the Proctors at their house when he got word Elizabeth’s name was mentioned in the court. Moments after Hale arrived at the Proctors so did people coming for Elizabeth arrest. As Hale saw Mary Warren lie about giving Elizabeth the poppet, which would have saved Elizabeth from being arrested, he quickly realized he needed to come clean to the court that witches did not exist in Salem. That Abigail and the other girls were behind it. John Proctor not only showed courage and weakness, but also truth. In Act IV John enters the court room telling Judge Danforth and everyone else in the court room, that they have missed the true meaning behind people being accused of witchcraft. The Crucible makes people show their true traits. Weather its showing courage by not admitting to a lie, showing weakness for a moment of closeness, or showing truth by admitting to a wrong it all comes out by how someone handles it. Causing the lives of twenty people and loosing someone important it is always good to