Strengths and Challenges Letter Essay

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Dear _______ In this letter, I’m going to explain my strengths, skills, and experience that I may bring to the class. I will talk about my challenges, habits and my past academic history and discuss any parts of this course that may be new and/or difficult to me.
One of my strengths that I bring to the class is my motivation. I motivate myself in every situation and with the passage of time, I improve. I am capable of learning from others. I want to move ahead towards perfection by learning, especially through my experiences and interaction with people. Another one of my strengths is that I am a fast learner. It will not take me long to learn something new. When it comes to my skills, I am very skilled at computers. I'm proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point. I'm very comfortable using these programs and have a lot of experience doing so. I'm interested in learning how to use any other programs as well. In the experience category, since this not my first time attending college, I have knowledge that I can use in this class and also to help my fellow classmates.
I have a habit of procrastinating on my school work. I address procrastinating as a bad habit but some may say procrastination may be necessary—as a way to put off a dreaded task until we feel more energetic, prepared, or able to do it. Either way, I should continually work on my assignments consistently until the deadline. A challenge for me in this curriculum is to become a better communicator.