Strengths And Weaknesses Of Amazon

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3.1 Detailed Assessment and Planning
Based on this theory, the employees who willing to adopt manager's strategies and plans should be retained when he is holding in operation position, however, he or she should be removed while refuse tomake adoption on manager's strategies and plans. Even Amazon had a poor working conditions, it still use this theory to train its employees. Those employees who are not willing to followordersfrom their manager will receive punishment such as being fired or reduction in benefits enjoyed.

Not only in retaining those employees who willing to stay with their manager strategies, Amazon also done some action to protect their own market share and profits. Some necessary action is to make sure Amazon sustainability
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But for, it applied "knowing the area of competitors' weaknesses and strengths by throwing some contest" on its business management.

For public company, there is a fundamental requirement to follow which needs to update its latest annual report that contained a lot of information and financial statements to the public. So, able to obtain easily competitors' information such as the revenue gained for comparison of assessment between us to know the next step what should have do against their weaknesses and strengths. This is able to help company to come up better strategy to counter their weakness and improve their strength.

For examples, Amazon used Multi-level sales strategy to survive against those competitors after assessed their weaknesses which means started off by focusing three relationships that are Business-to-Consumer relationships between itself and its customers; Customer-to-Business as it realized the value of customer reviews as one of the product summary; and the last one is Business-to-Business relationships between itself and its
…show more content… used to apply this theory in its operation management such as they figured out the weakness of the company. That was lack of market scope at the beginning of the business which serves as online bookstore only. Therefore, had involved into a lot of e-commerce business. It began to pursue well known IT Company such as Asus, MSI, Dell, Toshiba and other to sell their product in the website. It even offers other services such as scientific components and maintenance supplies in order to improve its market scope until reached international level through many countries