Strengths of the Us Healthcare System Essay

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US Health Care Systems Strengths
Tiara McDaniel
American Intercontinental University
January 27, 2013

There is an opinion amid several Americans that regardless of coverage, price and other difficulties in the health care system, the eminence of health care in the United States is more superior than it is anyplace else in the world and there is a possibility that it may be threatened by restructuring of health care by President Obama. In addition to that, an article on Thomason Reuters, states that fifty-five percent of US citizens that was surveyed last year said claimed that American patients in American are provided with better care that people in other countries, but only forty-five percent of the
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(WHO, 2008) This is somewhat true when it comes to emergencies, but things can get very complicated especially if you have to seek the care of a specialist or if you have to buy prescription drugs.
With that being said the citizens of Italy who can afford it end up buying private coverage, similar to citizens of the United States, while continuing to pay for the public health care through taxes. Conversely, health costs in the U.S. are almost two times as high as in European countries. (DeNavas-Walt, Proctor and Smith, 2010) This is caused by a rather aggressive policy, distinctive of the U.S. Health System, where doctors carry out broad tests all the time, as well as to the tremendously high cost of physician visits and medical techniques. (DeNavas-Walt, Proctor and Smith, 2010) Essentially, since insurance companies pay directly to the medical providers, patients who have coverage do not have to worry about making payments, citizens do not look around for the best deal, but let the insurance companies take care of the costs.
France and USA Healthcare Systems
The World Health Organization stated that French had the best health care system in the world in 2002. (Rodin, 2003). The access to care for citizens of France is not limited to those in the US that is covered by insurance, but all citizens and legal residents. With the high number in premature death the health care system in France is far from perfect. Nonetheless, the US