Stress and Anxiety Essay

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Final Project I believe that I understand what self-regulation means and how it relates to my life. Self- regulation is the ability to monitor and regulate our own behaviors, cognitions and emotions (Self-Regulation 185). Self-regulation impacts everyone because is the key to becoming a successful student and person. Self-regulation helps in our daily decisions and long-term and short-term goals. Without self-regulation people usually make poor choices when it comes to health, work, school and relationships. During this semester I have be working on my self-regulation. Because this class I did not really think about self-regulation. This I had to really sit and think about what went wrong for me last semester. I think that last semester I was trying to figure out how to juggle living on my own and school. I was so use to my parents doing everything for me that when I got to college it opened my eyes. I had to realize that my parents are not going to be there to help me with my problems. I have to have the will and motivation to become the best student and person that I can be. That means that I have to balance between delayed and immediate gratification. I had to set some key routines that will help me balance my life. Key routines are those five or six behaviors that will keep me from chaos and move me toward mastery. I had to make a plan so that I know what I need to each day. Another thing that I have to work on is procrastination because I always wait to the last second to do something. Before I took this course I did not really understand why I and other students procrastinate. But in fact procrastination is a common problem that most students in college encounter during their college years. Most students get caught up in with all the drama that comes with living on campus. Last semester I had a lot of trouble when it came to procrastination but I was not thinking about when my homework was due. All I was thinking about is when the next party was and playing video games with my friends. Also I was so use to my mom telling me to do my homework. Since my mom wasn’t here to tell me to do it I choose to do something else. Usually I would watch television or be on Facebook and Twitter. This I think that I have gotten a lot better at not waiting to the last second to do my homework. I think that I’m less stressful now then I was last semester. Because now I know what I need to do to get my GPA up. I also think that I did not have the will and motivation last semester to be successful in college. I was just glad to be on my own and not having anyone there to tell me what to do. But now that this semester is almost over I have realized that I have become more active in my studies. I have set rules for me to follow that will keep me on track to becoming a successful person. I also make sure when I’m studying I put everything that I know will distract me out of site. I either go to the library of to the top of Adams tower which is the twelve floor. Where I can get piece quiz and away from all the loud people on my floor. Because with all the loud noise that goes on every day on my floor it makes it kind of hard to study. So I end up getting very stressed out and I start having anxiety attack. Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. In other words, anxiety is the emotional response to the pressure of stress (315). Some anxiety keeps us alert and productive, but too much anxiety, especially over an extended period of time, can ruin your physical health, our ability to concentrate and create, and your relationships (315). I would get really stressed out and have really bad anxiety attacks. But now I have learned had to control it. When I feel that I’m about to have anxiety