Stress: Anxiety and High Health Risk Essay

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In life each individual person in society goes though; personal issues, hardships, and the demand of work priorities. The affects of the following topic can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with in general. Stress, plays a big role in how the body responds to being overweighed with too many issues or workload at one time. The individual controls how stress affects them physically and mentally. In addition, everyone experience different types of stress it depends on how old a person is and the type of surrounding they are settling into. Stress can appear any moment it does not appear on a timely matter. I experience stress on a regular bases. Meaning, I am costumed to feeling anxiety and some of the other symptoms also, able to cope with situations. One of my major encounters I have with stress is when my father died four months ago. It was very traumatizing to me, but I had to be strong for my family; my responsibility was to keep my siblings sane while trying to maintain my own emotions and state of mind. I have begun to see a change in my body weight and my attitude, which became very negative. This is an example of the symptoms in which I was responding to stressors according to the article “Stress and The College Student”. The article really helps me personally for I was able to connect with the statistics and learn more its solutions to dealing with stress. The article tied in with all my experiences from dealing with health issues to being on one’s own in new environments, which for myself was college. Neither less, everyone in life always have the main things that stress us out no matter how much we are accustomed to them. These matters are the main stressor, which give us the most headaches and irritability. My main stressors usually come from assignments for I am an enormous procrastinator when it comes to doing my work. There have been many times I have put off my work until the last minute. I would then begin to emphasis on the day before finishing up a cluster of assignments. Which only makes my stress level increase greatly over late work and lost sleep. Another, worry of mines is being financial stable. As a college student, your whole lifestyle has to adjust into a strict budget because the responsibility of being on your own. This bring pressure too for at times just adjusting to new surrounding and not have the funds as living with your parents causes worrying and low productivity within myself. Therefore, people can handle stress in ways for example; exercising,