Effects Of Stress At Work

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Stress at work is undoubtedly the number one stress in most Americans lives. Since most of us do not get things handed to us for free we must work in order to get paid and pay to live our day to day lives. Work pays for our house to live in, the food we eat, the car we drive, and the clothes we wear. If we do not do well at work then we do not get paid. If we are not paid we cannot afford the day to day essentials. The point of all this is to show that most of our stress relates to how we perform at work. A stressor can be role demands. One role demand, Role Overload, is caused by the remaining workers picking up the work load from previous employees who have been laid off. This can be difficult since the remaining employees have probably just survived the company downsizing. The second is role conflict which is caused by the contradiction of what role you are to play at work. For example, if you must increase worker moral in the workshop and let some workers go there might be a conflict since most of the time moral is lost in a time of cut backs. The last is role ambiguity this is simply not knowing what your primary functions are in your position. This can cause a loss in interest and lower job performance. The outcome of work stress can have both physical and mental side effects. Physical side effects can be seen by head and muscle aches, fatigue, and irritability to name a few. The mental out comes can be seen with insomnia, depression, and anxiety. These side