Essay Stress: Causality and Stress Level

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Stress and Coping
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2. The results of my stress said that I have a good balance with my ability to manage my stress. The stress test basically told me that I need to focus more on the positive things in life rather than the negative because I do tend to focus too much on the bad things in my life instant of the good ones. The stress test told me that I don’t spend enough time with my family and that I need to have more activities in my life and that I need to stop procrastinating because that’s what causes most of my stress. I also need to focus on developing my own definition of success rather than having others do it for me because I tend to do that a lot with basically everything I do.
3. Some of the things that I consider to be stress causes in my life are work, school, my ex-boyfriend, and some family problems. The reason work cause me stresses is because my boss expect so much from us so do the students we help and there are so many rules it’s hard to keep track of them all, at my job you never know who’s going to come to the front desk and yell at you because your following the rules and not breaking them like they would like you to do. School stresses me because I am being pressured to choose what career I want to go into, since I still confused I don’t feel as motivated to be coming back so sometimes I feel like just feel like quieting and that’s what stresses me out. My ex-boyfriend cause me a huge amount of stress, it might sound crazy or dumb but it’s true, sometimes I feel like he’s going to drive me crazy with how much he bothers me. I don’t know what to do about him he says he just wants to be friends but then he acts like we’re still together and that’s what stresses me out, the fact that he just won’t leave me alone or give up on trying to get back together with me when it’s just not going to happen. My family can also cause me stress sometimes with how demanding they are, so with me not having a major yet they keep pushing me or telling me that they don’t see any hope in finishing school, and I feel like my mother is always comparing us to my cousins from México, one already has a career and the other one is working on it so I feel like she thinks I should have everything on track by now and it’s me a lot of stress right now.
4. I have a lot of signs of stress but the first one that came to mind when looking through research was the huge headaches I get when I’m stressed, them all the time when I’m at work or when I think too much about a problem that I’m having. Then after that I get angry at everything and I start to slam things and hit whatever I see first, luckily I haven’t broken anything yet.
5. What I’m currently doing to cope with the stress with the stress in my life is exercise. I do Zumba, which is an exercises in the form of dancing, I do Zumba five days a week so Monday through Friday for at least 30 minutes and it seems to help me relax because I get my mind off my problems for a while and I’m focused of something else so it lowers my stress level. I also to bake it get my mind of everything when I’m baking something, I love it, but it’s hard to use it as a cope for stress since I’m trying to lose weight.
6. I feel like my coping styles are emotion-focused coping. I try to look at the good things to make