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Stress Journal Assignment
Stressor #1
I was always weak in Mathematics and two days before my grade 12th Math exam I fell sick. I went into depression as I had no clue what to study and wasn’t up to my full health.
8 negative
Fast heart beat
Low self esteem
Feeling helpless and frustrated
Unable to remember the study material
Feeling for worse, i.e. failing the exam
Negatively talking
Grouchy and grumpy with family
Unable to concentrate on studies
Unable to eat properly
How did you handle these events?
I was in a great degree stressed. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t or have a good sleep properly. I started thinking negatively and was not able to concentrate on what to study. I got extremely anxious and disheartened at my parents and friends.
How would you handle a similar situation in the future? Since I know I’m weak in the subject, I will try to start studying on that particular subject as soon as possible. Have a set time table which I will use to study. Try to do as many practice papers as possible and ask my professor if I‘ve any doubts. I would also eat healthy food and fruits during the exams day to prevent myself from falling ill. I would also take some time to play some sports to keep my mind fresh.
Stressor #2
I love playing cricket and day and night I just think about cricket. Our club reached the cup finals, I had won the man of the match for both the quarter finals and the semifinals but the final was to be played on Saturday and was during the week of my final exams.
6 negative
Could not sleep properly because of practice and tuitions
Headaches due to less sleep
Back pains due to regular practices
Depression and tension
Thinking about cricket while studying
Difficult to concentrate on one thing
Unable to focus
Going to school, tuitions and then practices made me annoying
Irritability with others

How did you handle these events?
It was a difficult time for me. On one hand, I needed to get good grades and on the other, cricket was all I could think of. I worked hard for both of them but it was time to prioritize and I spoke with my cricket coach and explained to him that it was hard for me to come for all the practices and study or the exams. My coach understood my problem and exempted me for some days so I could concentrate on my studies. How would you handle a similar situation in the future?
In the future, I would make sure that I’m up to date with my studies and learn my school lessons as they are done during the school days. This will have me well prepared for my exams in the future so that I can play freely without any tensions and still be able to get good grades.
Stressor #3
I’ve been commuting to college and it takes me around 2 hours to reach college and then 2 hours to go back home. Due to heavy traffic or bad weather conditions I used to miss my classes. I also work some evenings after my classes so few days I reach at home pretty late and because of all the commute and less sleep I used to be depressed
6 negative

Disturbance to my sleep Emotional
Inability to concentrate in class
Constant worrying
Memory problems Behavioral
Bad temper with others
Eating too less or unhealthy
Not enough sleep How did you handle these events?
I was upset but I was positive because I was going to the college and also working .I was unhappy because my work and college was far from my