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Stress Management A lady by the name of Jenna Gehl-Jones, from Sindecuse Health Center came to speak to our class about managing stress. Stress is the body’s response to a physical, mental or emotional pressure on it. It affects people in different ways. The speaker started by explaining the causes of stress and proceeded to how it may affect us. She ended the presentation with an array of ways to cope with and relieve stress. Stress can be categorized into 2 categories: internal or external. External stress comes from other people, situations in the environment and physical damage to the body. Examples of external stress are physical damage to the body, a heated argument with another person and working a strenuous assignment under time constraints. Internal stress comes from your own brain. One may stress themself out. A great example of internal stress is doing unnecessary worrying about something that really does not require to be worried about as much as that person worries about it.
Stress can occur from an actual physical pressure on a person’s body. If the body is hit hard, punctured or damaged it will react. The brain reacts by sending the feeling of pain to those nerves around the surrounding pressured area. Physical stress can be very detrimental to one’s health, immediately, depending on the severity of the pressure. Physical stress is the most common because we feel aches and external pains every day. Another form of stress is mental stress. This stress makes the brain think a lot. It tires out the brain faster and drains a person’s body of energy. This may have a negative effect on the body. Studies show that the immune system is weakened when there is excess stress on the brain. Emotional stress may also cause stress on the brain. Emotional stress may be the stress coming from losing a loved one or rapid changes of emotion on an extreme level.
There are a few ways that people may cope with and relieve stress. One way is communication. A lot of stress may be relieved by just talking about the stressor with another person. That other person’s understanding and acceptance of the stressed person’s situation may provide comfort and help to cope with the current stress. A great way to relieve stress is to stretch and exercise. This relieves a lot of physical stress and may ease the body. The presenter did a meditation exercise with us towards the end of her presentation. She really feels that meditation is a very good way to relieve stress and is very important to do. She turned the lights down and had us meditate.
I personally experience stress every day. School is a huge mental stressor. Passing all classes while being involved in multiple