Essay about Stress Management Plan

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Personality: to me the word personality is who someone is. It’s how a person thinks, feels, and how they act in everyday situations. It’s what a person believes in morally and how they perceive other people and the world around them. It’s what they feel and how they express their emotions. All of these, to me are what a personality is.

2-1 Type A Behavior Assessment Results
My results for this assessment were very low. Out of the 20 Type A questions I had answered only 7 with yes. After reading about the different types of personalities, I would say I was more of a Type D personality and a Histrionic personality. I do exhibit some Type A traits such as aggression, quick to anger, and having a hard time relaxing. I’m not very competitive, time conscious or hard-driving. I do tend to suppress my emotions and draw away from others and avoid social contact so that I can deal with them by myself. I do tend to be a bit dramatic from time to time, but I also crave affection and support from my fiancée, family members and friends.

How this impacts my stress?
This affects me negatively by making it difficult for me to voice my feelings to others when I am stressed. For example, when I have a disagreement with my fiancée about something that stresses me out, I draw away from him. He tries to get me to talk about how I feel more but it is difficult for me. I just prefer to deal with it myself. It makes it difficult for him because he is the opposite of me. He is a type B personality. He can deal with stress easier than I can. When I do decide to finally express my opinion I can be