Essay on Stress: Menstrual Cycle and Effective Stress Management

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You can tell when stress become too much by paying attention to your body. Some people start having migraines headaches, hair loss, and even skin problems. I know my stress levels become a bit too much when my menstrual cycle act crazy, like being lighter or heavier then normal. There is also some relational signs like, more arguments with your partner for no reason, road rage, and isolation from social activities.

The 3 major causes of stress is:
1. Trying to balance Work and Life- Its important to know how to make time for family and hobbies that tend to make you happy and remain calm. Not all jobs are stressful but you must take vacation time and try not to bring too much work home when its time to have “family” or “me” time.
2. Multitasking- this where a lot of my stress come from. I’m a single parent working a fulltime job and going to school full time. I’m the queen of multitasking, but when I allow things to get behind in either school work, or with my son extra curriculum activities, I can become stressed because it just seem like its not enough time in a day to finish all the things that need to be done.
3. Change- I experience this one a lot at work. In today’s market and economy things are always changing to make things better or more profitable for the company. Stress start to kick in with these changes because it’s a new process and it becomes overwhelming try to learn these processes.

5 effective stress management strategies are:
1. Exercise-