Stress on Teens Essays

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Teens are one of the most stressed out people in the world. This is because we have to go to different activities day in and day out every day of the week. Everyone including teachers, parents, staff, and students have to adapt to each other in order to get past the school year successful. The statistics show that teens are becoming more and more stressed out than less stressed at school and afterschool.
I believe that after-school activities are great for students who have nothing to do when school is over. It’s also a way to bring up grades to keep them from failing the marking period. After-school can be beneficial for student who are failing and for the students that need help with a certain subject. For example, when I get home from school I have to change my clothes, start my homework if I have any, help my cousin with her homework, wash the dishes, and clean up. I know because I have to lay down to relax and gather some energy to try to keep cleaning up. When my niece is over our house, she runs me and my cousin everywhere around the house.
Dealing with younger siblings is hard because they annoy teens when they want to be left alone. They tend to tell that we don’t want to be bothered or that we are mean to them. Then our parents start yelling at us for not wanting to deal with them at times. Now that we get more homework and more tests in school, we barely get any to study with chores, jobs, and afterschool work. Our parents just put more stress on our shoulders by putting us in these activities and having us do the chores after we come from the activities.
Teens do participate in too many activities because “they can develop stress disorders,”…