Stress: University and Responsible Adult Essay

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How to Manage Our Stress A recent MSN Article reports that the Associated Press and a college TV station, mtvU, conducted research on college student stress at many colleges throughout the United States. The survey found that four out of ten college students report they feel stressed often. One out of five say they feel stressed most of the time. One out of four students experienced daily stress and one in ten had thoughts of suicide. (Statistics on College Student Stress) As college students we are prone to suffering from stress because of many things. My name is Celene Perez and Today I will be speaking about the stress us collage students can have, some signs of stress, how we can manage our stress. There two main stressor that we college students have school and home. We have to play two roles; the role of a student and the role of a responsible adult depending on our situation. For our student part we have pressure to do well and get perfect grades. We also deal with the pressure of due dates, an amount of assignments, and studying for tests: Besides all of our school things many of us have to deal with other things at home as well. For our home part most students have jobs and children to deal with. Some of us have to deal with other problems at home from time to time. Due to college students having a big chance of suffering from stress we should beware of the signs of stress. Some possible signs of stress may be anxiety, back pain, constipation or diarrhea, feeling depress, fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, trouble sleeping, problems with relationships, shortness of breath, stiff neck or jaw, upset stomach, weight gain or loss. Many of this symptoms may seem normal but if the are constant and a few of the symptoms are present at the same time it may be caused by stress and later escalate to anxiety or depression. (Stress: How to Cope Better With Life's Challenges) There are both good and bad ways we can cope with our stress. Some unhealthy ways to cope with stress are smoking, drinking too much, overeating or under eating , zoning out in front of the TV or computer, withdrawing from friends, family, and activities, using pills or drugs to, sleeping too much, procrastinating, filling up every minute of the day to avoid facing problems, taking out your stress on others (lashing out, angry outbursts, physical violence). These examples may take away stress for a little but when it stress comes it is on a high