Essay about Stress: Youth and Stress

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Modern World and Human Relationship: Sources of Stress

Feeling of stress becomes integrated with an individual's ordinary life nowadays. People face a lot of threats in one day and anything that poses a challenge or a threat to their well-being is a source of stress. Many different things can cause stress, which range from physical to emotional circumstances. People feel stressed due to the problems they face in their vocational and/or educational life and due to the social pressure that they feel in different stages of their lives.

First of all, people spend much of their time at work; in this modern world we live in, people deal with different problems in their vocational life everyday that create the major sources of stress in their lives. First of all, a lot of people are working 9 to 5 and they even do not like their job. They do the same things everyday on and on and this situation awakens hate and disgust towards their life in people. The individual gets alienated from the job. A century ago people created and made what they eat,wear,use or drive which were unique for them and have a meanings to do,whereas today mechanically they work in less creative way and mainly for doing same thing. This leads to despair, dire straits, stress and passive resistance. For example, a SSK employee deals with the same problems and does the same paper work everyday. Today becomes the same with yesterday. Deep within, the person does not want to do that job so s/he works slowly with a face of woe and the stress becomes palpable. Moreover, people are working for long hours. It causes depression and other stress related health problems such as insomnia. Also it increases fatigue. For example, if a laborer works excessively cannot rest enough, s/he can get injured or have health problems as well as cannot do his/her job properly. Also, working for long hours means that you are stealing time from your social life. A person being in close touch with others is a crucial need and if not, they become estranged from life which completely focuses on same routines with same people within the same framework. Meeting with new people and having different kind of hobbies while breaking the routines lead to get into life more and more. For instance, most people who cannot communicate with other people are more prone to suicidal acts. Secondly, the majority of people do not like the job they are doing; they work only to survive in the system. Waking up early every morning and going to a job that you only do for earning money is an unbearable torture. They lose their desire for the job. This makes people cranky and aggressive also it keeps them from enjoying life and these kinds of feelings affect their human relationships too. In addition, technological developments are another source of stress. Technology is developing day by day. The skills of the employees become out-of-fashion and unsatisfying as the computers and machines are developing everyday. Workers are having the fear of being replaced with the machines and risk unemployment. Also, necessity of catching up with the developments and obligation to use the new equipment efficiently is a stress factor in the modern life. Competition in market increase the threat against their job, and younger people who newly graduated from university is much more informative about the new staff. Potential of being an unemployed or earning less money suppress to people leads to be more stressful and less enjoyable day&night. Job finished at five p.m whereas it’s stress keeps going.

In addition, people are social beings and the first complex social environment is school. In schools bullying is an important stress factor because it is a pressure on students. For example, a child who is being bullied cannot be psychologically healthy. It also affects the child's life in terms of school success; in other words there can be a significant decrease in the child's grades. A child who is being bullied becomes