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The task to belong may be embraced or resisted. Belonging can be defined as the human affiliation to other people, groups, places and things that are spiritually valuable for them. Basically, belonging is the connection and relationship of an individual with the world around them. The consequences of belonging or not belonging can be seen through an individual emotion, decisions and actions that also define their social statuses among a group or in a community. All individual’s perception of belonging evolves in response to the passage of time and interaction with their world. In the film “Strictly Ballroom” directed by Baz Lurhmann, different aspects of belonging are explored.

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In strictly ballroom, each individual belongs to certain places. For example, Liz and Scott belong in the dancing federation, whereas Fran doesn’t belong because of her appearance and she has little dancing experience. In order for you to belong, you can’t be yourself. The ballroom dancing world is fake and individuals tend to hide their identity within the dancing federation. This can be reinforced when Fran states that “A life lived in fear, is a life half lived” conveys the idea of belonging as individuals are hiding their identity in the ballroom dancing world. Also when Liz says, “I’ve got my happy face on today” which portrays the idea that she is hiding her identity under take make up, mask and costume. Thus some people happily embrace the task of belonging and some, like Fran, do not by resisting it all together.

In the text “Patriotism” by Yukio Mishima, Lieutenant Shinji Takeyama and his wife Reiko are a married Japanese couple. Shinji Takeyama is sent away on tour duty for the imperial army. Reiko is left at home and is prepared to suicide if her husband doesn’t return home. Surprisingly Shinji Takeyama returns home but is sent out for another mission to assassinate his colleagues who are known to be insurgents. He couldn’t complete the mission because they were his colleagues. Shinji Takeyama decides to perform Seppuku, which is a suicide. Reiko agrees to suicide with Shinji Takeyama and trusts her to be his witness of his death. This portrays the sense of belonging between their relationship and bond. They were to die in honour to serving their country. DISCUSS HOW THEY EMBRACE THE WAY THE BELONG TO THE CODE OF HONOUR IN JAPAN.

In a short text “ Be my brother” Richard has Down syndrome and is treated unfairly. He meets Amanda at a bus stop station and talks to her. At first, Richard doesn’t belong to anyone but himself. She WHO IS SHE? thinks he is creepy and weird but after a period of time, Richard entertains Amanda by doing impersonating of Shakespeare and other plays. Amanda respond to Richard buy impersonating too. This creates a bond between them and conveys the idea of belonging. He is accepted as friend to Amanda. BUT WAS IT EMBRACED OF REJECTED BY THE CHARACTERS? YOU NEED TO DISCUSS THIS AS IT IS YOUR THESIS IN YOUR INTRODUCTION. Richards’s brother doesn’t accept him because he has Down syndrome and refuse to be around him. SO RICHARD’S BROTHER REJECTS THE TASK OF BELONGING TO HIS BROTHER. Towards the end of the short story, Richard pays for his brother bus ticket and his brother gives him a hug. The reunion of their family and connection between them. This is a perception of belonging between them. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO RELATE IT?

All these text conveys the idea that the challenge to belong may be resisted or embraced. NO IT DOESN’T YOU HAVE NOT LINKED BACK TO WHETHER THEY RESISTED OR EMBRACED IT ALL. Therefore, all individual’s perception of