Striking: Strike Action and Chicago Public School Essay example

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Striking Affects More than Just the Teachers
Parents scramble for day care and hope the strike won’t last long. Going to school helps kids get prepared to go into the world on their own and be able to get a good job and make it somewhere. Many Chicago public school teachers have been striking since the beginning of the school year. The striking causes many problems for many people. Parents can’t go to work and children are missing out on learning and having to stay home.
The striking cancelled classes for about 350,000 students. Kids are missing valuable time in the classroom because the teachers aren’t happy with what they are being given. Polls show that students who are not in school are more likely to get into trouble when not in school. Students not only have to miss school but will have to go to school on their break days to make up for days they had to miss. Even though teachers are striking to make schools better and to get their point across about education, students shouldn’t be missing school. Many parents had to call off work or had to find a babysitter because their children didn’t have a place to go when they would usually be in school. Many kids who were too young to stay home alone didn’t have anywhere to go or anyone to watch them so parents had to call off work for multiple days. The union offered a deal to the teachers but the teachers did not accept the offer which made the strike last longer.
In conclusion, Teachers should not be able to go on…