String Theory Essay

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String Theory; what is it? Most teens have no idea what String Theory is and do not care to learn about it. Little do they know but the ideas behind String Theory affect their everyday lives. Soon many more fields of jobs will be using the ideas behind the theory and people will have to at least know the works behind it in order to even survive in those jobs. Still what is String Theory? String Theory is one of the theories attempting to connect quantum mechanics and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. These tow ideas do not work together and if they are joined vast amounts of advancements can be made everywhere, no one knows the limits. The average American teen should care about String Theory and all the other material covered in the NOVA series The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos because a better understanding of this material will allow for further advancement in many areas of life. One of the topics covered in the NOVA videos was quantum mechanics. Though most teens do not realize it, quantum mechanics is all around them. It is a very important component of smart phones, computers, and any other electrical device that they use. If teens were aware of what quantum mechanics does then they may be able to grasp the ides at an early stage in life and one day maybe even contribute to development of many fields of science. The sciences that can be further developed are Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and even Environmental. The amount in which string theory will affect these sciences is unknown but many scientists believe the limits are virtually endless (Barksdale). If teens were to learn about the workings of String Theory then advancement in these fields of science will be imminent. A better understanding by all can and eventually will lead to development in more efficient development in solar power (Barksdale). More efficient solar power can be developed by the theory of entanglement. Entanglement, according to Brian Green in Fabric of the Cosmos: Quantum Leap, is when “two particles are close together and their properties become linked”. According to Barksdale some physicists believe that entanglement occurs in plants during photosynthesis, and allows a large majority of light taken in by the plant to be converted into energy. If a greater understanding of quantum mechanics is obtained then it may be possible for solar panels to one day obtain these properties and become more efficient way to produce energy. If teens were aware of this they may one day help develop the technology needed to do this. Besides producing energy teens should care about String Theory because the more people that attempt to prove it, the more that can be understood about the universe. To most this does not seem a viable reason to care about it but once people understand the very workings of the universe, the more advanced humanity can become through different sciences and fields that deal with and component of the Theory. The extent of understanding the workings of the universe is not very concrete. Some scientists believe that due to Einstein’s theory that space can bend teleportation may one day be possible (The Elegant Universe). Quantum mechanics agrees with this idea also (Barksdale). Since both these theories agree then the proving of string theory will bring scientists one more step closer making this sci-fi dream a reality. Since quantum mechanics is one of the largest players in today’s technology